CranActa - customers report the following benefits:
Helps Prevent Bladder Infections
Helps with Detoxification
Healthier Lifestyle and Fewer Infections
Better Cholesterol Readings

CranAct is a pure all natural Cranberry Extract with the highest bioavaibilty and the purest cranberry extract available anywhere. With a patented extraction process and enriched with D-Mannose CranActa is the most effective bladder and urinary tract support available anywhere.

For decades cranberries, cranberry juice, and extracts have been used to assist in better health including bladder and urinary tract health.

Even in the early 1900s, cranberries had been used in many countries for years for better health. At this time it was discovered that cranberries make the urine more acidic. The usual uric acid of urine becomes a stronger acid known as Hippuric acid with the use of cranberries. This stronger form of acid results in an environment in the urinary tract that is inhospitable for bacteria!

* (pregnant or nursing mothers should not take CranActa)

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  ** This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and is not intended to replace any FDA approved or physician recommended treatments.